Training of talented employees

  Customer impression management

  Trusted and respected company

MegaCam Company was established in January, 2007 under the slogan of "link the world as one". We value the human's lives and their assets and we have developed and commercialized the various network devices and terminals. In these days we have developed and commercialized IP based security surveillance products based on our know-how of network devices.

MegaCam tries not only to produce products that satisfy customers, but also to secure the pool of engineers who can produce these kinds of products. We consider creating such climate as one of our corporate philosophies which talented employees can be satisfied and healthy minded people and companies can be recognized by society.

Currently, we have commercialized 3rd generation security surveillance products and solution based on out network related technologies, know-how, and audio video technologies from 10 years experience. We, MegaCam Company, will not stay on the current stage and will try out best to become one of the world class network products manufacturers with continuous R&D activities and superior service for our customers. We will be the company who protects human's lives and properties, and creates more convenient and valuable internet based services