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Our Strengths

Secured Quality

MegaCam is on a fast-growing track now, but is strictly certified and regulated on a worldwide standard.  ISO14001, ISO900, and ROHS are examples we consider as "the standard." An efficient production system like POP (Point of Production) has been around since 2008. We have four independent quality gates controlled by the R&D division (DQA), marketing division (CS), independent team (FQA), and factory division (manufacturing). Also, with six sigma, we care about precise quality management.


Global VS Local

MegaCam is networked over 100 partners over 60 countries through all of continents that we have undoubtedly made consecutive success story. We have been delivering our value propositioned DVR, (IP) Camera and NVR to 1st global tiers.  Also, we experienced Retail business accomplishments with our own brands like "REVO and SECURIX" in North America and UK We are certainly prepared to expand the global networks with our offices located in UK and North America, as well as our logistic hub in EU.

Our Business

MegaCam always do answer for "Innovation, Credibility, and Sustainable Growth" through our company philosophy. As a global integrated security solutions company, MegaCam  provides services related to security surveillance. MegaCam  employs experts in various fields of image compression, multi-dimensional signal processing, network, and multimedia.