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20 Good Reasons

  1 One-stop-shop Solution     2 Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

MEGACAM provides extensive range of 1~5 MP cameras, 4~32 channel HW NVRs, layer 2 PoE switches, VMS, mobile apps, PC client, encoder, decoder, network keyboard, transmission media and all accessories, fully compatible to one another. True Plug & Play
MEGACAM DirectIP is free of license cost (free VMS, free client & apps, No additional camera license, No software support agreement, no annual fee). Lower cost of training & maintenance and yet longer lifetime. Second to none Performance


  3 Low Maintenance Cost     4 Low Power Consumption

Designed with high reliability components, MEGACAM ’s own invented ISM Technology keeps HDD disk failure rate lower than 0.5% p.a., with an automatic self heath-check & instant notification to users. Four independent streams per camera
With using MEGACAM IP Cameras, customers can save energy costs from 20% up to 32% on camera power. It becomes apparent when a bigger number of cameras are powered for years. 1080p 30ips Live, Record and Playback


  5 Easy Installation     6 Reduced End-user Training Time

Zero configuration with true plug and play makes the camera & NVR installation trouble-free and quick. MEGACAM ’s proprietary FEN technology makes an automatic connection between NVR & VMS/mobile apps. FEN Service
Little to no network knowledge is required to run MEGACAM DirectIP solution. No need to involve client IT managers. Operation is just as simple as an analog CCTV system. ISM Technology


  7 Technical Training Programs     8 Sales Support & Training

MEGACAM provides certificated training courses and custom training programs at the worldwide offices. Transmission Media
MEGACAM provides product demos, bullet points and comprehensive marketing materials continuously at local and global level to boost customers’ sales performance. Free VMS Client


  9 Free Local Technical Support     10 Buy directly from a Manufacturer

MEGACAM provides free local technical support at selected regions. On-site support will also be available for issues which cannot be rectified over the phone/online. Encoder & Decoder
MEGACAM designs, develops, manufactures and supports all under one roof. Direct communication with the systems & software manufacturer is always a top advantage both commercially and technically. Storage Expansion

1 True Plug & Play     2 Unrivalled Performance

Zero configuration technology has been implemented into entire MEGACAM DirectIP systems, which is powered by DirectIP protocol including auto-IP (link local address), multicast DNS(mDNS) and DNS service discovery(DNS-SD). True Plug & Play
MEGACAM DirectIP NVRs are built with strong processing power that ranges from 84Mbps for compact 4ch up to 228Mbps for 16ch unit, making it possible to perform full-HD 2MP 30ips real-time streams for 16 cameras simultaneously with Pentaplex operation. Second to none Performance


  3 Quad-Stream Technology     4 1080p 30ips Live, Record and Playback

MEGACAM DirectIP cameras are all equipped with 4 video streams, each of which can be configured and used independently with preferred resolution, quality and bit rate. Four independent streams per camera
MEGACAM DirectIP NVRs display full-HD 30ips both in full screen and 2x2 screen, with a guaranteed recording and playback speed of full-HD 30ips for up to 16 channels, enabling 4K display at real-time speed. 1080p 30ips Live, Record and Playback


  5 FEN Service     6 ISM Technology

FEN (For Every Network) is a MEGACAM-invented free dynamic DNS for remote access via free Apple, Android, Windows PC or Mac client. No static IP is required. FEN Service
ISM (MEGACAM Storage Management) technology is applied to every DirectIP NVR, making the HDD disk failure rate lower than 0.5% pa. with solutions for anti-shock, anti-vibration and more ventilation. ISM Technology


  7 Transmission Media     8 Free VMS Client

Zero configuration layer 2 managed switches, Ethernet over coax with PoE support, fiber media converter, SFP module, PoE Repeater, PoE injector, PoE extender (Up to 390m on CAT5 UTP). Transmission Media
1024x NVR registration, drag & drop live & playback, video wall with 256 cam control from one PC with up to 6 monitors, virtual matrix control viaMEGACAM network keyboard, 3D mapping, reporting/event management. Free VMS Client


  9 Encoder & Decoder     10 Storage Expansion

MEGACAM encoder (4ch & 8ch) are true plug and play with zero configuration which support more than 60 PTZ protocols for analog PTZ camera control. Decoders convert Ethernet video streams to either VGA, DVI or HDMI monitor outputs. Encoder & Decoder
MEGACAM supplies 1U type 4-Bay eSATA device with RAID 0/1/5 support. Simple true plug and play connection with MEGACAM DirectIP NVRs, which can be configured as up to 132TB storage, using one NVR with 4 eSATA units as a single system. Storage Expansion